Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sewing machines and umbrellas

This week presented more Excel problems for me, especially the Lemonade Stand project. Like most math and math related things, Excel continues to seemingly mock me with it's simplicity. Whenever I can't figure something out, then eventually have the problem explained to me, the solution appears so simple it damn near shames me. I don't mind practicing at home, which I'll need to do more often, if I hope to do as well on the final as I did on the midterm. I really hate that lemonade stand, though.

In tech news, it appears that Facebook has yet again changed features. It has attempted to reduce spam, fix applications that somehow allowed friends to view your purchasing information, and make the site generally more accessible. You can check the article out here. This appears to be good news, for although the changes may not ameliorate the entirety of Facebook's problems, it will make it easier for folks like me to use the site. I generally avoid Facebook because I have no idea how to use it or do anything on it. Facebook is not designed for the Myspace-frequenting apes like me...(it's fer University peoples), and thus, once I created my account, I just as soon forgot about it. This is unfortunate, as I have friends who are strange and do not trust Myspace and refuse to use it, yet comply with Facebook, as it's for intellectual people who do not care about "profile songs" or "glitter graphics." With crucial long-distance connecting at stake, I will at once look at the improved Facebook and hopefully reconcile my ill-feelings with it.

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