Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crummy/ Not Crummy

This week in Excel world managed to foul my dreams and leave me strung out, at two in the morning, convulsing on the couch, trying to figure out what the hell happened. No worries, I thought, I'll GET it, besides, all the excel stuff is so easy to do in the homework. Ah, but my failings in class, the shame of not having gone home and practiced, the feelings of inferiority as others in class eruditely finish notebooks as I struggle to find the summation button finally came to a head, a nightmare of spreadsheets, endless workbooks, numbers, equations, all going faster miles an hour, into oblivion. Simply stated, Excel has me a little worried and significantly stressed out.

A reprieve came, though, to my near-squealing delight when I found this from a link in Wikipedia. It's a work of J.D. Salinger's that I had known of, but never had the privilege of reading: Slight Rebellion off Madison, one of the earliest Holden Caufield stories Salinger penned. This absolutely delighted me, as I've been stewing in indignation for months over a copy of a Salinger tome in Powell's Rare Book Room. It makes me incredibly happy that rabble such as I can access works otherwise reserved for the elite who can afford to spend $200 on a book from the internet. The wonders of technology.

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