Saturday, May 10, 2008

one small step for the technically challenged

I experienced a moment of great pride in Week 5, one that proved I really had been paying attention in class and to the lessons in the text. My mom needed a clear yet tiny list of drinks to put in her order book. Her formatting was a mess, and the font was all wrong. In a few minutes, however, I formatted a lovely little table in readable font, colored titles, and highlights. The best part of all: it fit perfectly in her order book! We exchanged high-fives, and I was on top of the world!

In tech news...apparently "they're" going to make the video game "Bioshock" into a feature-length film. Now, I really don't like video that, I'm very bad at playing them, and I hate watching other people play them (with the exception of the original Zelda, Mario Bros., Beautiful Katamari and Guitar Hero). However, I will tolerate it...just sit and look bored and slightly frustrated, or sleep. Now,video game films I can't tolerate. The marketing behind them, the usually awful plot/writing/acting (like Street Fighter...what an abomination), it all feels like a scam. Whatever was special, unique and enjoyable about the game becomes inflated and senseless on the big screen, and furthermore, why make movies about games? Would they make a film about checkers? The Movie of Life? Even most sport films suck (except good boxing films...especially the old-timey ones). I imagine that Bioshock is going to be dark, bleak, drippy...ugh.

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