Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week One

A friend warned me a few weeks prior to the beginning of the spring term that CIS 120 was apparently difficult and insane on the homework front. I wasn't shaken...she hadn't taken it, so how the hell should she know? I was almost angry. However, I felt sheepish last week at my inner rage against her smug warnings. Yes, the homework load and class seem a little daunting, but I noticed that once I began doing the work, it proved absolutely do-able and slightly less scary. Am I still anxious? Yes. Have I finished the "Are You Ready?" test? No. But I'm an extent. This class bears a remarkable resemblance to a math class. The work appears hideous and awful, but once completed the simplicity becomes apparent and I wonder why I made life so difficult for myself. But this is only week one....who knows what the next nine will bring.

an interesting article about the Chinese suppressing certain Wikipedia articles and the like.

I hope to god that that makes a hyperlink. I'm on a Mac, and they certainly aren't as simple as a in...where the hell is the thingy that makes a hyperlink???

If this doesn't work, then expect a supplemental post with the link that will take you to an article that describes the censorship of Wikipedia by Chinese officials. Yes, censorship is alive and well, even on the internet. I guess my post is a little less technology and a little more critique on the suppression of information by governments. Control over the internet seems like something parents are in control of in the u.s....and who would consider Wikipedia dangerous? Ah, the Chinese government. And of course they've blocked information on Tibet....

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