Friday, April 18, 2008

Foiled Again!

Week two of CIS 120 went by surprisingly well...the classes were informative and interesting, and I predict that by the end of the quarter my Power Point Skills will be "mad hot." The homework was fairly simple, and proved useful overall. However, the reading for week 3 proved to be quite dry. Eventually I decided to 86 the reading and work on answering the end of the chapter review questions. Far more beneficial, encapsulated, and far less sleep inducing than my previous studying method.

In technology news this week, I learned that Paypal will no longer allow older web browsers, Safari and Firefox to use its services. This makes sense (security holes) but torques my goat as well, as I use either a. Safari or b. Firefox, and also use Paypal often as I buy items off the internet all the time. This will certainly have a ripple effect, moving beyond the gear heads and vintage-snatching bimbos of ebay and onto the browsers, hopefully inciting some improvement (Safari sucks), and the disuse of older browsers (they suck even more).

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