Friday, April 18, 2008

Moog would be proud?

I loved week three of fact, I looked forward to it, as my other classes are driving me nuts. The lack of partner work was a haven, and I found that sitting on the far side of the room, or maybe just changing chairs, didn't kill my back with stabbing pain. My favorite aspect of week 3 were the lectures on technology and where it's going. This is a world I know nothing of, and I enjoy any insights I can glean concerning the cyber world and computer technology. I was so excited, in fact, that I went home and looked up Second Life and signed in (to see what it was all about). Alas. My crummy techo skills barred me from re-entering the candy-like other world. Oh well...that's progress, I guess.

Now, this week I thought I should probably post some useful and important technology information, but as usual I botched it up. Instead I found this article, on how to construct a tiny theremin. (For info on the theremin, click here). It's true--technology really is making everything smaller, including instruments hardly anyone (with an exception of yours truly) cares about. A pocket theremin has to be one of the most useless yet intriguing tiny things out there...and if I knew how to weld, I would totally make one! More importantly, however, it goes to show how an initially convoluted and sensitive instrument, or piece of technology, has been simplified to the point where anyone can make a miniature for under $20. It's also amazing how something great and baffling can become a novelty in a rather short period of time, as well.

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